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Test & Quality Management

Test Consulting

Test & Quality Management

Test Consulting

Achieve highest software quality with optimized test processes!

Our professional ISTQB-certified consultants are specialized in facilitating you and your company concerning all questions about software testing. They advise you regarding future-proof test concepts, manual and automated testing, test tools, test and defect management and IT-governance. Optimize your test and quality management and conduct your test processes at the highest level with the aid of our expertise. Thereby you will achieve outstanding software quality and set benchmarks in your sector.

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Dr. Stefan Jobst

Dr. Stefan Jobst
Head of Department
Test & Quality Management 

 +49 170 8541522

Test Consulting: Be well advised with certainty

Our experienced consultants focus on your individual needs when they put together your consulting package from the wide range of advice possibilities. We accompany you on the way to your goal efficiently with a broad expertise in processes, methods and tools.

Optimal test strategy: full control over the test process

  • Analyse the current state of the test strategy and test environment.
  • Identify optimisation potential.
  • Determine optimisation goals and prioritise them.
With those recommendations you can:
  • Protect your production system from errors, relieve your project budget and shorten hypercare phases.
  • Gain full control over the test and error process.
  • Save costs and exonerate test specialists through higher test efficiency.

Concerted test tools: the basis for efficient testing


  • analyse if and how well the test tools in use fulfill project requirements by using our msg-test tool-benchmark.​
  • Recommend modifications of the existing tool environment.​
  • Propose additional tools in order to close existing gaps.​

With those recommendations you can:

  • Evaluate the quality status of your software anytime.​
  • Lower defect resolution phases. ​
  • Significantly lower the costs for test execution and test management.​
  • Lower the risk of errors during production.​

Quality Gates and Definition of Done: permanently good software.


  • Analyse the test strategy, the test environment and former test results. ​
  • Complement the existing test concept by Quality Gates (classic) or the Definition of Done (agile). ​
  • Support compliance with standing quality guidelines.​

With those recommendations you can:

  • Create a constant software quality. ​
  • Save costs during production through less errors.​

Automated regression tests: high quality with low effort


  • Analyse existing test cases of your test environment.​
  • Create a custom-fit automation strategy.​
  • Carry out Proof of Concepts including a ROI analysis.​

With those recommendations you can:

  • Execute test cases at any time without the need of test experts.​
  • Relieve your test specialists.​
  • Determine the software quality constantly precise anytime during the development process.​
  • Shorten delivery intervals by up to 60%.​
  • Produce cost efficiently a more stable software.​

Each company is unique.

Therefore, analysis and counseling are the starting point and basis for our goal orientation on the way to customized tailored testing solutions.

Test Consulting: for best prospects

We transform your challenges at software quality assurance into solvable tasks and achievable milestones. Thereby you receive passable ways to your individual goal.

Valuable insights:

Success is projectable. Our long-standing experience and specific know-how in test consulting enables us to achieve a high quality that makes our work stand out. Discover, how we make customer visions come true.


Lean test governance for an agile IT

In our msg-webcast we demonstrate what the components of a lean test governance could look like and how these can be tailored to a particular project considering the area of conflict between conformity demands and the goals of product and service owners.

More information

Lean Test Governance für DevOps-Organisationen

How to find a balance between DevOps and Test Governance? Read the latest article from our colleague Stefan Jobst about Lean Test Governance für DevOps-Organisationen, published in the German Testing Magazin 01/2023 I ITSpektrum.

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