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msg digital services

Digital Workplace

Mit digitalen Lösungen
ins Office von Morgen

Digital Workplace

Digital workplace solutions bring about greater efficiency, flexibility and productivity. Our solutions enable you to access the most important applications and data wherever you are. Whether you work in the office, from home, or on the road, our solutions keep you up to date. 

Our digital workplace solutions offer a variety of benefits for you and your team:

  • Access important applications and data from anywhere
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Increased productivity through more efficient collaboration
  • Cost savings by eliminating hardware purchase and maintenance costs
  • Developed with a focus on cloud technology
  • Secure and always available

Let's digitize the workplace and optimize business processes together. 

Your contact

msg services Bernhard Allwang

Bernhard Allwang

Managing Director
msg services gmbh

+49 89 96101 2500


We develop a tailored workplace and safely bring data and applications securely to individual endpoints. To achieve this, we use data center infrastructures, virtualization technologies, cloud environments and endpoint management.

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Endpoint mit Citrix und Microsoft
Identität Security Onboarding


Microsoft 365 provides a toolkit for your team's digital collaboration, communication with customers and automation of recurring tasks.

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msg-​Healthchecks check the health and performance of your IT systems and infrastructures. They are used to identify potential problems or vulnerabilities in your company's IT environment and take appropriate action to remedy them or already address them proactively.

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Healthcheck Grafik
Virtual Solutions Grafik

Virtual Solutions

Virtual solutions offer the opportunity to optimize their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve efficiency. By deploying virtualized environments, organizations can respond to dynamic business needs and effectively leverage their IT resources.

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Identity & Access

msg provides you with the practices, policies, and technologies used to manage users' digital identities and their access to IT resources. This includes identification, authentication, authorization, and management of user accounts to ensure that only authorized individuals or systems can access specific information or services.

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Identity & Access

You want to realize your office of tomorrow? We are happy to support you on your way.

You want to realize your office of tomorrow? We are happy to support you on your way.