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Maturity Level Assessment

Do you know your communications infrastructure?

Only if you really know the as-is situation of your current solution can you determine the actual need for change in your communications infrastructure and consider all relevant components in the target concept.

That's why we conduct a status and needs analysis to determine the maturity level of your communications infrastructure. This enables us to identify and initiate targeted measures to improve the existing infrastructure. To do this, we use the Gartner Maturity Model – specifically adapted by us – to determine the maturity level of the communications infrastructure.

Using a comprehensive list of questions, we determine all relevant points that are useful for a classification. We present the results of this analysis phase to you in a workshop, use them to define your goals together with you and design the core strategy for achieving these goals.

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Alexander Goeschl

Alexander Göschl
Head of Sales & Consulting

Together with you, we work on answering the following questions:

What strategic goals should you pursue with your communications infrastructure?

Which optimization measures are to be implemented?

Where can quick wins be achieved?

How, when and with which resources can a project be started?

Your satisfaction is important to us

We will provide the results of the analysis in a detailed presentation of the results. The delivered result document contains statements about your infrastructure maturity level and provides the basis for identifying measures including a roadmap for implementation.

In addition to this standardized method, we also conduct individual studies or benchmarks on your communication solutions. In doing so, we draw on extensive information from our databases or conduct targeted market research for you. We then combine this data with information from a primary and secondary survey of your company, for example. Thus, you receive a comparison of how your company is positioned in the market as a well-founded result.

Why we are convinced that we have the right answer?

Exact documentation of the status of the communications infrastructure or its sub-areas

Identification of quick wins

Measures for the optimization of the communications infrastructure or its sub-areas

Possibilities for deriving a new communications infrastructure strategy

Would you like to learn more about maturity level assessment?

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Alexander Goeschl

Alexander Göschl
Head of Sales & Consulting