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creating value for


creating value for


The telecommunication and media industry is rapidly changing and the competition is cut-throat. Fast changes in technology and digital convergence are altering value chains and creating new challenges. They require higher capacity network infrastructures, innovative products and services that create value, as well as efficient customer management.

In this era of fast-paced changes, telecommunication and media companies need new ways to save on costs, intelligently expand their portfolios and develop innovative business models. As an industry expert, we provide comprehensive support – with strategic consulting and system development. We develop critical applications and intelligent IT solutions, for mobile apps, portals, service support systems, IPTV, network management and billing, just to name a few. This allows us to ensure the quality and sustainability of your systems and infrastructures over the long term.

Customers (Excerpt)
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Telefonica
  • Vodafone
  • Nokia
  • Mobitv
Plan and implement private campus networks
Easy monitoring of your network quality
Software development for the cloud
Robot Framework


  • Mobile Solutions

    Design and develop­ment of innovative solutions for mobile devices

  • Business Solutions

    Implement­ation of product-based and individual solutions to support your business processes (incl. content manage­ment systems, IPTV, customer relation­ship manage­ment, business logic, billing, SAP, etc.)

  • Operating Solutions

    Develop­ment and inte­gration of secure solutions for managing and main­taining infra­structures (incl. problem identification, resource information manage­ment, monitoring, etc.)

  • Analytics Solutions

    Design and implement­ation of manage­ment solutions (incl. data ware­house, person­alization, manage­ment cockpit, etc.)

  • Strategic Solutions

    Consulting on and realization of issues such as new business models, time-to-market, sourcing strategy, digital trans­formation, enterprise architecture, IT cost reduction, etc. The focus of our efforts in these fields is placed on the develop­ment of innovative, con­vergent IT and tele­communication services.

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