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Test & Quality Management

Test Automation

Test & Quality Management

Test Automation

Reduce throughput time and effort of your testing processes

Our experienced Automation Engineers develop automation strategies for individual requirements for software testing. They implement and provide advice for choosing and using ideal test tools and frameworks. Thereby, companies which only tested manually or want to improve their test automation can produce high-quality software quickly while saving up to 80 % of their test expenses.

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Rüdiger Schmidt
Head of Department
Test & Quality Management

+49 172 198 5720

For an efficient and successful test automation

It takes our experienced Automation Engineers only four steps to automate testing solutions for your development projects:


Analysis and conception

Our specialists analyze your requirements and systems as well as existing manual and automated tests. You will receive customized test automation strategies and recommendations for suitable tools.

Automation and provisioning

msg-Automation-Engineers automate your test cases by working closely with your teams. If needed, they will provide necessary test data. Automated test cases, test sets and test data are at your disposal.

Test and reporting

The test cases are organized in test sets and are executed according to your requirements: if necessary 24/7 365 days a year. You monitor the current software quality by using our automatically created test report, which displays the test results in a clear manner.​


In case of system changes, msg-Automation-Engineers maintain the already existing test cases and test sets and create new ones if needed. You will have the latest tests and test sets at your fingertips.

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How can you execute regression tests at each deployment without too much of a hassle?

Early and consequent automation of reoccurring tests takes the load off the shoulders of your test experts. You can use the now free resources for more intense functional testing and thus raise the quality of your software.


How can you shorten test periods?

Early and consequent automation of reoccurring tests can be executed by the system anytime (i.e., daily or after a code change) without involvement of your technical specialists.

How can you make more efficient use of your test specialists?

Early and consequent automation of reoccurring tests shorten your test- and delivery intervals by up to 60 % when using classic development models. Needed quality is achieved at agile development models is achieved within the given time frame.

How can you guarantee constant good software quality?

Automated tests help you to identify the quality of software at any time during the development process - and as often as needed.

msg.TestFramework – maximum freedom


With msg.TestFramework you can create, execute and maintain automated test cases by yourself.

  • No need for programming skills – using only Excel and talking keywords
  • No need for test automation professionals

Standardtools: for diverse requirements

By using these well-proven tools our specialized test managers can realize your goals fast and sustainably. In classic, agile or hybrid development models.

Test Automation Standard Tools

Save up to 80 % of test costs compared to a manual test execution.

Save up to 60 % project time by automated test cases.​

Be up to date and ready for testing anytime with the latest tests.

Produce more stable and cost-efficient software with test automation​.

Valuable Insights

With long-standing experience and specific know-how about test automation, we achieve an outstandingly high quality. Discover how we create convincing software quality swiftly and reduce costs.


Test Automation – Why and How?

The risk-based approach of identifying automated test cases is only one critical success factor of test automation. Read the latest article from our colleague Stefan Jobst about the Why and How of Test Automation, published in the GFFT e.V. | United Innovations Magazin 

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