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Digital Workplace

Identity & Access

Digital Workplace

Identity & Access

Identity & Access

msg provides you with the practices, policies, and technologies used to manage users' digital identities and their access to IT resources. This includes identification, authentication, authorization, and management of user accounts to ensure that only authorized individuals or systems can access specific information or services.


Identity & Access

Ihr Ansprechpartner

msg services Bernhard Allwang

Bernhard Allwang

Managing Director
msg services gmbh

+49 89 96101 2500

Your Added Value

  • Increased security – monitoring significantly reduces the risk of data loss, misuse, or unauthorized access
  • Efficient administration of user accounts and access rights
  • Improved customer experience by single sign-on
  • Governance and compliance adherence
  • Scalability and flexibility for changes and adjustments to constantly changing accesses and resources
  • Cost optimization by automating IAM processes

Our Expertise

  • Existing governance concepts for easy, individual adjustment
  • Complete onboarding of accesses and systems
  • Provision of standardized guidelines
  • Cross-industry know-how

Why Identity & Access Management

Protect access to apps on-premise and in the cloud


Identity Und Access Management 1
Identity Und Access Management V2

Protecting data in Microsoft 365

Protecting data in Microsoft 365 is a joint effort between Microsoft and you (supported by your IT partners)

Schuetzen Von Daten In Microsoft365 V4
  • Protecting data in Microsoft 365 is a joint effort between Microsoft and you (supported by your IT partners)
  • Responsibility for data and rights management always lies with you
  • Microsoft provides tools and features for support
  • Classification (automatic / manual) increases the identification of data to be protected
  • Classifications can be rolled out across different Microsoft 365 services using policies
  • The admin portal provides dedicated roles and areas for security and compliance processing

M365 V5

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