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Enabling a smarter world

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.”

Dean Kamen

Digitized processes and networked ecosystems shape and influence our lives. Artificial intelligence and high-​performance software that may have seemed unattainable even just a couple of years ago, or human-​centered design, are just a small part of this dynamic process.

With msg.Knowledge we are establishing a knowledge platform for technologies, concepts and applications that make our world better and smarter. We cluster our know-​how, see which opportunities and chances arise from these developments and fields, then share them with you.

msg.Knowledge - Boost your digital mindset!

msgKnowledge UX

User Experience

A completely positive user experience before, during and after interacting with a product or service: now that is a successful user experience! Convincing and inspiring interaction along the entire customer lifecycle - also known as "the joy of use" - contributes to a brand or company’s reputation. A good user experience is essential to turning prospective buyers into loyal customers and brand ambassadors. Start your UX!

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msgKnowledge Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Getting creative with methods: that is what design thinking is all about. Design thinking aims to use interdisciplinary teams to solve product or service-related problems or questions , while focusing on the needs of the target group. The design thinking method is based on the assumption that innovations arise in the intersection where people, technology and business meet. Get creative!

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msgKnowledge Machine Learning

Machine Learning

As part of ​​artificial intelligence, machine learning maximizes the field of software solutions we are familiar with so far. Decisions are no longer made on the basis of fixed rules alone, but also based on vague and unstructured data, as well as experience. Teachable algorithms, the very heart of machine learning, enable us to solve yet unknown challenges and analyzes. Sounds good? 

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Client-​Directed Queries

Client-​Directed Queries

Applications that rely on SOAP or REST architectures have proven themselves successful over the past decade. However, there are limits to these architectures. The client-​directed query approach overcomes these limits and enables a generic connection of different frontends to the same backend. Rigid, predefined interfaces give way to a flexible and expressive query interface. 

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Client-​Directed Queries

msg Software Engineering Talk

The msg Software Engineering Talk (SET) deals with the concepts, methods and technologies of software engineering and digital transformation. In doing so, the focus is on an objective and analytical view of trends and topics. Stay tuned!

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