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Output management is communication
well thought through

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Erwin Gorny
Division Manager of Solution Consulting

Different customers - different requirements

What requirements does a modern output management solution meet?


Simple and intuitive letter writing for the clerk

Reaching customers on the right channel

A high degree of automation

Standardized interfaces and modular architectures on flexible platforms

Simple text maintenance for and by the specialist departments

And what does the future of communication look like for insurers?

The future is hybrid. At least for the next decade. Digital and paper-based communication exist in parallel. However, the answer to the question of the future of output management is not just a technical one. The tasks for insurers are broader:

Holistic communication:

Communication should be viewed holistically and as a continuous cycle of interaction between customers and the company. Every communication from the insurer impacts overall satisfaction and customer experience.

Customized communication strategy:
Communication without barriers:
Competitive response times:
Modular output components:

Use the potential for your digitalization and communication strategy


High standard in communication

Address your customers in a targeted and consistent manner –
regardless of the number of your systems and possible transformation phases.

Cost reduction

Cost transparency in the industry is currently low.
Designing your systems to meet demand creates clarity and enormous savings potential.

Automation and AI

Automation and AI are essential factors for low costs, customer-friendly service and high quality.
To date, these methods have been little used in the industry.

Service optimization

Take as much responsibility as you desire, thus optimizing service and quality.

How can we improve your output management?

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